It seems logical to have this site, Amanda Ricks, the one with my name on, a sort of bio or profile site. So I will be updating this site to include introductions and links for some of my work, projects, and blogs.

It will be a continual work in progress!

Coming soon I will have a new business website. So stay tuned! In the meanwhile, if you would like to contact me in regards to working with me, please use my contact page.

Over the years, I have wanted to have a more centralized place to refer people to when they ask, “So, what kind of different blogs do you have?” Here is my chance. Hopefully, this will give everyone who doesn’t know me an opportunity to catch up on my blogging portfolio.

Please keep in mind, while I am updating this site, only the blogs that I owned and authored by myself and are still active are currently featured.

My goal is to always be informative, helpful, open, and caring in my work. I hope you find some of my work interesting and beneficial.

Best wishes, Amanda

Note: Some of the work on this site’s blog has been published on other blogs and websites by permission.