A Treat Of A View


New York City looking from The Empire State Building

I have had the beautiful and unique pleasure of travelling to many corners of the world. However, later in life as an adult, I finally had the opportunity to visit New York City and I instantly fell in love.

The multitude of horror stories about New York was completely fictitious. We walked for endless miles on clean streets, within safe neighbourhoods. There was Transit Police present during every trip we took. Everyone was friendly and courteous but not trying to immediately con or rip us off.

It was such a treat to go to all the places that were mentioned so many times in all the books that I had read. What a treat as well to have my picture taken at One Police Plaza! The Russian Tea Room, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Times Square, The Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty all before our second day! My poor husband collapsed in the hotel, so I left him there and off I went again to explore some more.

New York City is my biggest treat. It has everything you could want. History, Theatre, Shopping, sight seeing and of course celebrity spotting! The best treat to end each day was at The Broadway Deli. This take-out deli has anything and everything you could ever want. Plus it all tastes delicious and doesn’t cost a fortune. Where else in the world would you find such a treat?


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