Our view out the backdoor

This is our view directly out our back door. Sometimes the sunrises are so spectacular and full of beautiful colors. The wisteria lines the fence and the trees frame the sunrise.

via Our view out the backdoor | Manvel, Texas Photographer — Sonya Lira Photography

I have been a fan of Sonya Lira’s Photography for a long time, therefore, I am pleased to offer this beautiful example. This gorgeous sunrise and her beautiful backyard make me want to move to Texas!

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  1. SIGH… It is a beautiful photo, and a gorgeous yard & view…. My sigh is for the colors of the sky, which are shades never seen by humans before the latter part of the twentieth century, when we began to see the results of pouring particulate matter (CO2, Carbon monoxide, etc…) into the air… We see similar shades here in California over the water…. It’s beautiful, but, to me, a bit scary, and definitely sad….


    1. Wow, I didn’t realize that’s why the colours were so varied and interesting. Living up here in Canada our sunrises are comparably tame, so I thought the multi-colours were a result of being from Texas.

      1. Sorry to say you’ll see them almost everywhere in the world, more obviously near urban or industrial centers…. I’ve been to Beijing, and Galway, and all over the US, and I see them everywhere. It’s all changed since my youth, before the air got so bad…

        Ah, well, such, they say, is progress, but, I have my doubts about that.


        1. Thanks for enlightening me. It is very upsetting and obviously I’ll have to pay better attention and get more informed.

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