love is in the trying

Bless his heart, Dear Terry of Spearfruit, has written the most touching and beautiful post that relates to a comment I made for him on one of his posts. I told him that ‘Love is in the trying” when it comes to our children and how we have to let go of our guilt that we have let our kids down or not done enough for them.

But we need to give ourselves some slack. Forgive ourselves. Stopping judging ourselves for perhaps situations that we had no control over and things that we didn’t know any better at the time. As long as we keep trying, that is where the love for our kids lies. Hence the saying, love is in the trying.

Please visit Terry’s amazing blog to read this post and many more incredible and insightful ones.

love is in the trying

The Video is also included in Spearfruit’s┬ápost.

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