The Real Long And Winding Road

My friend, Skipah @Skipahsrealm was quick to let me know that I may have committed sacrilege when I titled a post last week “The Long And Winding Road.” The thing is that I made the title completely forgetting thIt i was using the same title as George Harrison’s song.

HOWEVER, Skipah also committed sacrilege because it was Paul mcCartney that wrote the song! Thank you @oglach, at least someone knows what they’re talking about!

So, in an effort not to be haunted by the ghost of George, as Skipah has suggested that I might be, or Sir Paul when the day comes, I offer this post as an apology.

If you really love this song you can get it at the link below. Paul and George will be super happy. I think. I hope. Just say I sent you.

The Long And Winding Road

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