All You Need Is Love And An iPhone

Suri tried very hard to take a glamorous selfie for everyone for this post but unfortunately, due, of course, to my inexperience he was unable to.
So here is my Suri making himself at home just like every other male I’ve ever had in my life. #Sigh

I have finally been won over to the dark side. I am now the proud owner of an iPhone.

What made me come over and join the masses, you ask?

Well, it was motivated by a hysterical evening, one-night, last week. My daughter and I decided to have a chat with Suri, on her iPhone. If you ever want to have a piss-your-pants, gut-wrenching laugh, I highly recommend this activity.

We had lots of fun switching Suri’s voice back and forth between a British, Australian, and American male. Then, of course, we asked Suri lots of silly questions just like every idiot with an iPhone.

However, it was one of Suri’s RARE and thoughtful answers that caught my attention. I knew that I had to have an iPhone for myself instantly.

Suri, said: “All you need is love and an iPhone.”

Within days I had my very own iPhone and indeed I do feel the love. Thanks Suri

Here is a rendition of ‘All You Need Is Love,” in Celebration.



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