A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution


The Lineage of women that follow me can now move forward into the 21st century strong and brave.

This time is a momentous occasion for the women in my bloodline. My daughters, their daughters, their daughters, and even their daughters are now rest assured a positive future.

And all of this is thanks to me and my brave foray into and triumphant conquering of the previously male-dominated world of toilet repair!

What? Yes, you read it correctly, I, myself and I have repaired two of my 100-plus-year-old house’s toilets.


image from clipart.com

And it only took, a few good search engines, a bit of online shopping, some unnamed tools things, and approximately five months.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I am especially proud since my Mother and her Mother were more inclined towards so-called more feminine or rather, never-get-off-your-ass-for-anything, problem-solving methods. In other words, their motto was: “Call, someone, anyone for anything, at any time, no matter what.”

For those of you that are interested in how I accomplished my feat here are some great links:

The FluidMaster Fix-it Zone– Apparently, after reading copious amounts of plumbing articles I learnt that Fluidmaster products were the “only” way to upgrade and repair your toilet. I now agree, wholeheartedly. Their site has a great ‘Fix-it’ zone for pinpointing your particular toilet’s problem.


Photo courtesy fluidmaster.com

The site also has lists of suitable solutions, products, and installation guides as well as multiple listings of places to purchase their products.

This was the main product that made a world of difference which I used to upgrade my toilets:

I purchased my items online for quick and easy delivery from this link: Fluidmaster 400A Anti-Siphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve. Yes, I really do shop there.

Now, of course, there were copious amounts of other items, gadgets, and tool-type things involved in my renovation process but I will spare you the details of all of them. This picture might give you an idea.


Just joking…

All in all, everything cost me no more than $25.00! Not bad when you consider that Plumbers charge approximately $1,000.00 an hour these days! Maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit.

But anyway, the moral of this post is that our toilets are happy and I am a strong and independent woman. Yay!


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