Gaslighting: What Is It Really?

Sadly Gaslighting has become almost an epidemic in society practiced by many people (yes, usually men to be controlling but also in other instances) and it is an insidious and extremely toxic form of manipulation that can often go on unnoticed by the victim for years. Read the explanation provided below the image for more info. As women, in particular, we all need to be extremely aware of this type of thing and supportive towards anyone who has experienced it.

“Gaslighting is a form of manipulation often used by toxic people, and it causes you to question reality. It can happen in many different ways. Did you just put your keys on the table, only to come back five minutes later and they are now on the desk under a stack of papers? Did the psychopath person say something outrageous, only to tell you an hour later that you misheard what was said? Did the toxic person tell you that you didn’t see something, instead insisting that you imagined it? That is gaslighting.”

The image and quoted explanation are provided by an incredibly educational and supportive organization for women. However, as I said this particular issue reaches far beyond that of just Psychopaths.

Here is a full link to their facebook page:

If you or anyone you know has experienced this kind of abuse seek help. I am posting this to offer help and support for a difficult subject that needs more awareness.


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