I Wish To Be…

I love photography but am a terrible photographer. Figures, right? I just don’t seem to have the right eye for creating a good photo.


However, not to be deterred by a lack of talent I keep myself busy snapping away on my iPhone. Unfortunately, though, I have a particular love of macro flower photography, but here in Canada, right now, there isn’t a flower in sight.


However, never fear, I found a sprig of old fake flowers and took aim. Then after a few “editing” touches, voila! My interpretation of a macro flower.

Yeah I know, horrible. Oh, dear, I Wish I was a real photographer.

11 thoughts on “I Wish To Be…

  1. These are excellent close ups, and the warm hues of these images blend into each other so nicely. Not all of us are born with talent. We can make our own talent and it will become ours, and that is what you are doing 🙂 I also like the fuzziness of your photos – gives them a dreamy, relaxing feel. Perfect for this Saturday evening here 🙂

      1. Thanks Amanda. Trust your eye! It’s amazing how quickly you will assimilate new information about the shots you’re taking, and be able to use it to take even better ones.

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