A First Memorable Moment

I have accepted an invitation from Joelle to participate in her very cool monthly writing prompt. This month we have been asked to write 120 words about  “Your Most Memorable Moment.” 

One particular moment comes to mind and although it’s not my most memorable it ranks pretty high up there.

Here we go.


An old and worn photo of Chocy Box and myself.

When I was a young girl, Chocy Box, formally known as Chocolate Box, was my horse and best friend. But he did have a mind of his own and was considerably bigger than I was so he usually won.

One day, though, a bright sunny day, Chocy Box and I soared over a clear round of jumps. I was breathless with the taste of victory and pride.

That was the day I really felt my first true sense of accomplishment. I had achieved a goal after a lot of work, all by myself.

Chocy Box and I celebrated with a well-deserved bucket of oats and some Orange Squash. Pure joy.


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