Atop Volcano Poas

The countryside in Costa Rica is stunningly lush and green, especially during the rainy season.

But my most significant appreciation of Costa Rica’s topography came from a visit to Mount Poas, an extinct volcano.

We arrived in the evening after a long drive up winding dirt roads.

During the trek up we had stopped briefly and I had found the clearest, cold, and refreshing creek. The crisp, bright taste of the water still lives on my tongue, many years later.

In the morning, as the sun crept up over the horizon, I started my climb up to Poas’ rim. The path twisted and turned with walls of greenery all around me. Utter silence.

Suddenly, without warning, my tunnel of green opened and there it was. The crater of Poas.

There were no barriers or fences, so I was standing feet from the edge. I looked down and saw the oddly green coloured water at the bottom of the crater. It felt exhilarating yet scary.

I stayed up there, all by myself, just soaking it all in. It felt as if I was Atop of the world.


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