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About Amanda Ricks.

Amanda is a Writer, Blogger, and Social Resource Marketing Specialist.
She has created, authored, and advised on a number of Blogs, Websites, Social Media Profiles, and other Business and Digital Marketing projects.

With her background in Anthropology, Psychology, Business, and most recently Digital Marketing, she helps people identify and achieve their personal and online goals and successes.

Complete Bio For Amanda Ricks.

This bio is for those that are into extended versions and are interested in reading more in-depth about who I am and my credentials.

I was born in London, England, and moved to Costa Rica with my mother as a pre-teen for a few years.
While living in Costa Rica, near Alajuela, I became fluent in Spanish, but unfortunately, since leaving, I have forgotten most of my bilingualism.
After travelling by camper for approximately six months up through Central America, The United States, and across Canada my mother and I settled in Toronto, Canada.
I am proud to have dual citizenship in Britain and Canada.

My education started at St. Swithun’s, Winchester, England and then Don Mills Collegiate Institute, Toronto, Canada.
After high school, I pursued Social Services at Centennial College in Toronto.
For a while, after college, I worked in the restaurant industry in various positions including as a bookkeeper, (which is funny if you know me because I’m awful at math!).
Realizing that I wanted to further my education I then attended York University’s B.A. program, majoring in Anthropology. This specialty had become an interest to me since living in Costa Rica, and I loved the subject.

During my studies at York, to support myself, I worked in nursing. I was fortunate enough to be able to take some courses through Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre that taught me some specialized nursing duties.

My next career step was in the field of retail. Starting part-time at The Hudson Bay Company I successfully worked my way up in the company, including, Sales and Marketing Management and finally as the Ontario Regional Manager as part of the buying office.

When I had my two amazing daughters, I left the business world but couldn’t resist attending York University once again. This time I studied Psychology. During and following these studies, I worked as a counsellor and therapeutic mentor. My focus on Psychologically included Addiction and Trauma Recovery.

Wanting to branch out and find a way to combine my varied interests and specialties, my latest endeavours have been working online.
I started a casual blog in 2014 for creative purposes, and thankfully it allowed me to branch out into an online Consulting Business.
My specialty is helping people with various online needs including Blogging, Social Media, Marketing and Business initiatives.
Additionally, I also continue to assist people in connecting with appropriate, online, personal, and therapeutic resources and still do part-time Counselling.

My Personal Mission Statement:

To promote, assist, and help people, connect with, pursue, and find success with their online personal and business needs and goals, while prioritizing online integrity at all times.