What Kind Of Posts Should A Business Blog Have?


There are copious amounts of articles stressing the importance of having a blog on your business website. There’s no better or more natural way to keep your site updated, informative, and engaging.

Let’s Look At This Practically:

The content or what kind of topics you should cover remains a bit controversial among some marketers. I would like to offer a practical and straightforward explanation of how to know what items you should include and why.

First, Think Like A Regular Person:

Once again, as I frequently suggest people do, put yourself into a potential customer’s shoes.
For example, let’s say someone is interested in doing some updates on their house and one of the areas that they’re considering is the front hallway. But their hall needs at least something fresh on the walls.
After doing a couple of searches on a search engine for wall coverings and or finishes, they end up on your website. Fantastic!
Here is where your blog and the topics it features can bring that potential customer coming back multiple times, right up until they’re ready to make a purchase.

The Controversy Over Blog Content:

Some marketers suggest only blogging about the products that each business sells. Other marketers recommend a wide variety, including topics that are not related to your business. For example, subjects about the surrounding community or perhaps local news items.
But the best solution is somewhere in between both of these philosophies.

Keep Things Varied But Still Relative.

The Best Type Of Blog Content To Feature:

Things will get pretty dull and seem very self-promotional if you only blog about your products and your company, so that isn’t a good idea. But using the wall finishes’ business as an example again, here are some ideas that will keep people returning to the website to read your blog.

Exciting ideas and information about your products, their multiple uses, unique and new methods and applications, problem-solving with your products, etc.

Plus, include some articles about trends in wall finishes, colours, techniques and related decorating. Even have a couple of before and after stories. Best yet, show off some of your user’s content.

In other words, any and all topics related to wall finishes and decorating.

Skip The Irrelevant Stuff:

But I strongly suggest skipping the articles on unrelated subjects. No one is going to come back to a wall finishes website to read about campsites in the surrounding 200 miles or local bird migration. People will go to sites considered to be authorities on camping and bird migration to learn more about those subjects.

Bonus Tip: (For decorating business’)

Lastly, here’s a bonus tip for all decor related business’ who are working on their marketing plan. Make sure that you have an active Pinterest and Instagram account; they are the most popular social media platforms for all things decorating and are an excellent source of referral traffic.