Don’t panic! The new data laws and hidden social media vanity metrics are a good thing

Change tends to freak people out, and marketers are no exception. The outcry from the implementation of the GDPR is getting even louder as other new privacy standards like the new California Digital Privacy Law, and the European Copyright laws come into effect. On top of that social media platforms are now suggesting and making … Read more

How To Secure Your Online Privacy.


  Remember the saying, “Those who live in glass houses…” Well, I realized that the concept of living in glass houses applies well to our current digital world. In a way, we all live in glass houses, a (global) village of glass houses. The thing is, you can get yourself some curtains for your glass … Read more

Do You Really Need An Email List?


I get asked this question frequently, “do I really need an email list?” In fact, I was recently talking to my friend Lisa Sicard about this subject. Many people swear by their email lists, but there are a few things you need to consider before embarking on creating one. But as a small business owner, … Read more