The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

I have had a love affair with Cheetahs since I was a young girl it was one one the few things that my father and I were able to bond over. We would watch all available nature shows that featured them, read magazine articles together, and play games pretending that we had been Cheetahs in … Continue reading The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

Darkness Will Not Stay

Darkness will not stay for the light of the sun, but suddenly becomes totally invisible, entirely recedes, and immediately vanishes Poem by Alex and Jane Eliot circa 1980s Thank you to Winslow Eliot for sharing her parent's poem on Facebook via her website: Winslow Eliot.

Narratives keep the feeling going

For me, not only is Seth Godin a master Marketer but also a man of great wisdom. What I appreciate the most about his blog posts are how he manages to shrink huge ideas into a few simple words. Our feelings (anger, shame, delight) appear almost instantly, and, left alone, they don’t last very long. But … Continue reading Narratives keep the feeling going