The Fire That Ignites The Flames

Often people struggling in toxic and or dysfunctional relationships will first blame themselves. This phenomenon is a result of "gaslighting," or other blame inducing tactics by the other dysfunctional people in the relationship. By Amanda Ricks

Go Deeper

They keep saying go deeper, go deep inside, go deep to where the love is and you will heal. NO Deeper is where the monsters live, the ones that I had locked away. The battles, wounds, inflictions, that still rip me apart. There is no love deeper. Just blood. Note: On Facebook, there are a … Continue reading Go Deeper

Somewhere Else

  This Art Photo Quote is available at  I hope you like this Art/Photo and Quote that I am posting for the WP Photo Challenge --Life Imitates Art. I chose it because I see it as a contradiction to the phrase. The message is showing present life versus the dream of a different future … Continue reading Somewhere Else