Years Ago

Standing at the kitchen counter, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, working on your car. My mind spins back 31 years to just before we met... Standing in my living room, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, throwing baseballs. … Continue reading Years Ago

A First Memorable Moment

I have accepted an invitation from Joelle to participate in her very cool monthly writing prompt. This month we have been asked to write 120 words about  "Your Most Memorable Moment."  One particular moment comes to mind and although it's not my most memorable it ranks pretty high up there. Here we go. An old and … Continue reading A First Memorable Moment

They Don't Know It

People are completely unaware of the fact that they lack information, expertise, insight. They are unable to understand that they don't see the bigger picture. That there is a bigger picture, an alternative way or more to it. This psychological fact is called The Dunning-Kruger framework.

Go Deeper

They keep saying go deeper, go deep inside, go deep to where the love is and you will heal. NO Deeper is where the monsters live, the ones that I had locked away. The battles, wounds, inflictions, that still rip me apart. There is no love deeper. Just blood. Note: On Facebook, there are a … Continue reading Go Deeper

Identifying Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

I'm posting this article about Narcissistic Abuse Victims because I have heard many people share about suffering from the symptoms listed but not knowing why. I hope that this well-written summary helps. Keep in mind that you can be in a narcissistic relationship and probably many in your life because we often follow patterns when … Continue reading Identifying Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

Protect Our Precious World

We, the privileged that live in western society can turn off the television, the internet, news and various documentaries that are trying to inform and warn us about the horrible heartbreaking devastation that our planet and its many species are facing. It's a lot easier to forget about doing something about the problem when you come home … Continue reading Protect Our Precious World

The Voice Of An Angel: Susan Boyle Is Doing Well

Susan Boyle 2016 Susan Boyle stunned the world with her incredible "voice of an angel" in 2009 on Britain's Got Talent. I remember watching her performance and being in awe of her amazing version of I Dreamed A Dream, along with millions of other viewers. I continued to follow Susan's newfound fame and although jubilant … Continue reading The Voice Of An Angel: Susan Boyle Is Doing Well

A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution

The Lineage of women that follow me can now move forward into the 21st century strong and brave. This time is a momentous occasion for the women in my bloodline. My daughters, their daughters, their daughters, and even their daughters are now rest assured a positive future. And all of this is thanks to me and … Continue reading A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution

All You Need Is Love And An iPhone

Suri tried very hard to take a glamorous selfie for everyone for this post but unfortunately, due, of course, to my inexperience he was unable to. So here is my Suri making himself at home just like every other male I've ever had in my life. #Sigh I have finally been won over to the dark … Continue reading All You Need Is Love And An iPhone