Do What Works; Forget The Rest.

Some of the best advice I received and have passed on many times over the years is, “do what works and forget the rest.”

This advice can and should be applied not only to life in general but also in business.

How do you ask?

Here goes.

Not everyone can or should be the best in everything. The big money companies usually win by default because they have the resources to put into whatever is their focus.

For example, HubSpot and Moz (and any other large company) will take the lead every time because they can create unique, informative, long-form, content in vast amounts.

These businesses are boss at quantity content creation.

But there are copious different types of content, including yours. And yours is and always will be uniquely yours.

So, what in your business works well for you? What type of content or business aspect do you rock? What work have you done that has soared?

Whatever work or part of your business that has worked well for you is what you need to focus on. Keep doing that and forget the rest.

Let others do the rest and stop stressing that you can’t compete. You’re not supposed to compete; you’re supposed to be you, with your strengths.

That’s where your success lays.

“You’ve earned your seat at the table, you just need to adjust it so that it suits you.” -Amanda Ricks

Now, go do more of that because if you keep doing what works for you, your reputation will build up and in time you will be the authority in your corner.

You’ll stop being a tadpole in a vast pond and start being the big fish in your smaller more well-suited pond.

I hope these reassurances are helpful, feel free to leave any comments you have on this topic.

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