Don’t forget the toilet paper!

Dear Restaurant Owner,

I visited your restaurant the other evening. I’ve been meaning to drop by for a while, your bright and inviting sign has beckoned me each morning as I take my morning walk.

So, with my date in tow, we decided to end the speculation and drop in finally.

We were happy that there was no waiting for a table and appreciated being seated by the window.

The food was delicious and very fresh, just as your website promised. I’m still wondering what that unique spice was in the appetizer.

In turn, the suggested wine was the perfect accompaniment. Thank you, Don, for the recommendation.

My date doesn’t usually pay attention to small details, but we both mentioned how homey yet clean the decor was with it’s green and blue accents. The opulent plants are a lovely addition.

Overall, our meal and eating experience was delightful.

Thank you.

But, I’m afraid there was one glaring problem.

When I went to the lady’s room, there was no toilet paper. Washrooms need toilet paper, no discussion, and the absence of it was disappointing. A minor disappointment perhaps but one that I would rather not experience.

Do you think that your other customers won’t mind taking the troublesome effort to ensure that they visit the washroom before coming to eat at your establishment? Or rush home afterward if need be?

Probably not, in fact, I would say no.

Why? Because if a restaurant can’t remember to keep the toilet paper filled, what else have they let slip through the cracks?

2 thoughts on “Don’t forget the toilet paper!”

  1. Too right, Amanda. The little things. In hotel bedrooms, I always look under the bed and behind the TV to see how clean it is. It’s a sign of the overall quality of the place.

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