Top Insights On Lead Generation: Featuring An Expert Roundup.

Have you heard the term lead generation and wondered what the key points are? Or perhaps, even, what is lead generation and should I be using it?

If you answered yes to either question or if this is the first time you recall hearing about lead gen then you’re in the right place.

Let me explain.

In November 2017 I was honoured to be asked to join an expert roundup for Curatti, a site that I not only know well but also hold in high regard. The topic was lead generation.

Over the last few years, I have been working more in the marketing arena. But to be honest, I’ve never considered myself a marketing or social media marketing expert. I don’t have an official online company, and I’ve been working quietly, mostly out of the limelight.

But I have been fortunate enough to meet and connect with some wonderful and helpful marketing experts including Jan Gordon, CEO of Curatti and Andy Capaloff, COO of Curatti.

By invitation, I was asked to join the first Curatti expert roundup article and the topic was lead Generation.

Included in the roundup were many top experts, so the resulting post was an exciting exchange of insights and perspectives. And within each participant’s write up a clear picture can be drawn that explains the process of what lead generation entails and why.

My contribution was slightly different from some of the others in that I emphasized how Lead Gen was not solely a monetary based concept. Those of you who know my writing will be familiar with my opinion that most social media and marketing information and strategies can and should be viewed as cross-platform and for multi-business’ and users.  They are tools that can and should be used in whatever way applies to everyone working online.

For a sneak peek I have included a summary of the article’s introduction and my contribution. I hope it sparks an interest and you follow the link to read the entire article.


For Curatti’s very first expert roundup, we thought we’d start with one of the more important topics in marketing. To state the blindingly obvious, all businesses want sales. And in order to make those sales, they need leads! Lead Generation, and it’s digital cousin, Inbound Marketing are subjects that no marketer can ever stop learning about. For this roundup, we’ve assembled some great people. And we’ve conducted it a little differently to other roundups we’ve seen. We’ve asked people to answer their own question, rather than limiting them to only answering what we ask.

Here’s what we asked:

Frame what you feel is the most important question that can be asked around Lead Gen.
Answer that question.


Amanda Ricks


@surprisinglives  Social Media Marketer

Q: Is lead generation that important or essential to today’s marketing plans?

A: Absolutely. Lead generation should be a macro strategy itself and central to all comprehensive marketing plans because of its generative ability towards overall success rates.

Information, similar products, and content have saturated today’s market, and potential customers have also become well educated in product information along with knowing what they want.

This situation has caused a declining, although still necessary, use for traditional outbound marketing, like event marketing. But also an upsurge for resource filled, digital, inbound, lead generation marketing techniques.

In a nutshell

Think of lead generation as a business’s way of introducing themselves to prospective customers. Whether that introduction is via their website, social media, or elsewhere.

This initial lead-in needs to be flexible, varied, valuable, optional and should use multi medias so that everyone can be engaged. A few examples could be sign-ups for newsletters, coupons, or downloads.

Then, depending on the information collected from the first interaction business can identify the person’s life cycle in the buying or connection process and respond appropriately.

This softer process eases the B2C relationship down the sales funnel towards a purchase in a friendlier and less pushy manner.

Most importantly the sales funnel doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘sales funnel’ at all. The objective or goal can be anything, thereby making it more of an enterprise tunnel.

Viewed in this manner lead generation becomes an indispensable strategy for any and all marketing plans, not just sales based ones.

As you can see, without a generative strategy such as lead generation, marketing plans would be lacking an extremely integral ingredient. In turn, business’ would effectively be sabotaging the ROI of their entire marketing plans.

Please go ahead and read the original article, it’s full of great info and insights.

The Curatti Lead Generation Roundup

The Curatti Lead Generation Roundup


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