It’s Time To Get Honest.

It’s Time To Get Honest is a blog which looks at life, our world, and ourselves with honesty and insight. Here you will find wisdom, insight, and quotes that will be motivational, ‘soothe your soul,’ and help ‘mend your heart.’

On, It’s Time To Get Honest we aim to look at life honestly, and we include posts speaking about pain, sorrow, and recovery from different types of abuse, trauma, and addiction.

Yes, there may be some swearing words. Many authors, especially those that work and write about difficult and painful situations include swearing words to express the urgency or power of their work’s message.

And we, I, encourage these creative expressions because above all else we want honesty! Brutal as it may be at times.

The quotes posted are a reflection of many different people, situations, circumstances, and perspectives. None of the views expressed are political opinion. In turn, the writings on this site are creative expressions, not personal confessions by any particular author.

Some of the feelings expressed here are from people that have written about their experiences but wish their name and or story to remain anonymous. The label of “” allows for this anonymity. Your respect of this situation is appreciated.

As is appropriate I will reference all associated help and or support groups that request to be listed.

My apologies for the slow set-up of this site and lack of regular posting but although this is a labour of love my time has been limited despite my best efforts.

I currently looking for a new admin to help, and hopefully, then our posting will become more regular. Your patience and support are greatly appreciated.

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Thank you.