It’s Time To Get Honest.

It’s Time To Get Honest is a blog which looks at life, our world, and ourselves with honesty and insight. Here you will find wisdom, insight, and quotes that will be motivational, ‘soothe your soul,’ and help ‘mend your heart.’ On, It’s Time To Get Honest we aim to look at life honestly, and we include … Read more

Severely Magical Things.

‘Severely Magical Things’ was a name that Tumblr randomly assigned to me when I was starting a new Tumblr blog in 2015. The name appealed to me though and as time went on I continued to ponder about what I defined as Severely Magical Things. Here are some examples of just a few of the things that came to … Read more

Surprising Lives.

Surprising Lives was where I started blogging quite a few years ago. At that time the blog had a very different name and was hosted by Surprising Lives is now an international website with an audience who have graciously boosted it… to page one of Google and other search engines. @surprisinglives was also, of … Read more