Hey Google, This May Be Why People Are Ad Blocking


I don’t want to block all ads, quite a few of my friends have ads on their websites, and I want to support them. But, Google, I think you should know why people are ad blocking. Or at least a few of the reasons.

I tend to use Google for many of my online searches, primarily work related ones. I also use a few great Google extensions. The combination of useful extensions and (still), the most applicable search results keep me loyal to Google.

But…Your advertising algorithms are getting tiresome. The algorithms are stupid, I mean literally.

Here is a list of some of the companies featured in the advertising that you think I should see.

WordPress??? Talk about a waste of an advertisement, I already use WordPress’s services extensively and have done so for years!

Grammarly??? Again, we, (my kids and I), are already a Grammarly customer and have been for some time.

Amazon??? This one really drives me nuts because not only am I already a loyal Amazon customer but the ads that I get are for items I have already purchased! Sometimes, just a short time ago.

PayPal??? Again, really dumb because I am a long-time personal and business customer of PayPal!

PicMonkey??? Yes, you guessed it, I have been using PicMonkey for years.

Not only are the above advertisements useless and frustrating but the exact same ads show up repeatedly, everywhere I go! So regardless of people being pissed at the lack of privacy that Google doesn’t afford them, I’m pretty sure that stupid, irrelevant, and repeated adverts put them off. I know they do me.

Thanks for listening, Google.

Authors note: I just came across this article about Google and from The NY Post, saying, “The company’s (Google) algorithm, which it uses to filter out unsavory content when placing ads, is also secret. But now it’s also clear it doesn’t work.The Times of London was the first to reveal Google’s glitch, with an investigation…”

It fits so perfectly with the point I was making in regards to Google’s malfunctioning algorithm I had to add a snippet.


8 thoughts on “Hey Google, This May Be Why People Are Ad Blocking”

  1. I block all ads, so I never see any of them; at least on Firefox. Because I block tracking on Firefox also, if I have to use another browser to see content I never see anything I bought online anywhere because they have no idea I was there.

    With that said, it’s one of the reasons I started blocking Google and rarely use Adsense on any of my sites. The same thing comes up constantly, even if it doesn’t match up with the content. That plus no one likes knowing they’ve been tracked. No matter how many times Google and Facebook and the rest say they’re showing us what they think we’re interested in, most of the time they’re not. Irksome to the nth degree.

  2. Hi Amanda, this can have a big effect on all digital advertising. I think the algorithm is broken but I think they are maybe experimenting too often? Too often with changes. That’s my 2 cents on it 🙂 Have a great day Amanda. Interesting topic!

  3. I use the ad blocker. I’m happy with it, except there are some great sites that won’t let me read their news unless I remove the ad blocker. It’s their loss, not mine.

  4. They’re supposed to be context sensitive, so if you search Google for ‘coffins’ you get adverts for undertakers etc. I don’t mind the adverts personally, so long as there are only one or two on a page. It’s those pop up things that annoy me.

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