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The Best Social Media Image Cheat Sheet, At Last

I have finally, after clamouring around the internet for years, found the wonderful Louise Myers and her excellent and very clear Visual Marketing Blog. And of course, on Louise's blog, she has an equally excellent and easy to follow social media cheat sheet for visual content. At last! Thank you, Louise, for clarifying, at last, this … Continue reading The Best Social Media Image Cheat Sheet, At Last

Atop Volcano Poas

The countryside in Costa Rica is stunningly lush and green, especially during the rainy season. But my most significant appreciation of Costa Rica's topography came from a visit to Mount Poas, an extinct volcano. We arrived in the evening after a long drive up winding dirt roads. During the trek up we had stopped briefly … Continue reading Atop Volcano Poas

Hey Google, This May Be Why People Are Ad Blocking

I don't want to block all ads, quite a few of my friends have ads on their websites, and I want to support them. But, Google, I think you should know why people are ad blocking. Or at least a few of the reasons. I tend to use Google for many of my online searches, primarily … Continue reading Hey Google, This May Be Why People Are Ad Blocking

Years Ago

Standing at the kitchen counter, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, working on your car. My mind spins back 31 years to just before we met... Standing in my living room, I turn to glance out the window. There you are, outside in the sunshine, throwing baseballs. … Continue reading Years Ago

A First Memorable Moment

I have accepted an invitation from Joelle to participate in her very cool monthly writing prompt. This month we have been asked to write 120 words about  "Your Most Memorable Moment."  One particular moment comes to mind and although it's not my most memorable it ranks pretty high up there. Here we go. An old and … Continue reading A First Memorable Moment

I Wish To Be…

I love photography but am a terrible photographer. Figures, right? I just don't seem to have the right eye for creating a good photo. However, not to be deterred by a lack of talent I keep myself busy snapping away on my iPhone. Unfortunately, though, I have a particular love of macro flower photography, but … Continue reading I Wish To Be…

Jinx's Wish

My younger daughter's cat, Jinx, had started hanging around downstairs in the basement apt although my daughters and I live on the upper floors of our house. But we, ( and I think her too, secretly), really wanted her to spend more time with us again. So we went on a campaign to reassure Jinx that upstairs … Continue reading Jinx's Wish

The Fire That Ignites The Flames

Often people struggling in toxic and or dysfunctional relationships will first blame themselves. This phenomenon is a result of "gaslighting," or other blame inducing tactics by the other dysfunctional people in the relationship. By Amanda Ricks

They Don't Know It

People are completely unaware of the fact that they lack information, expertise, insight. They are unable to understand that they don't see the bigger picture. That there is a bigger picture, an alternative way or more to it. This psychological fact is called The Dunning-Kruger framework.

Who Is Your Audience?

If you have a blog and are online the type of blog that you want to have is important. Depending on your goals your audience will be entirely different. And whichever type of reader you hope to attract dictates many other aspects of how you blog.

Go Deeper

They keep saying go deeper, go deep inside, go deep to where the love is and you will heal. NO Deeper is where the monsters live, the ones that I had locked away. The battles, wounds, inflictions, that still rip me apart. There is no love deeper. Just blood. Note: On Facebook, there are a … Continue reading Go Deeper

I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"

This sadly is my repurposed computer! Yes, I can create almost anything with my imagination, a box, and duct tape. I had to come up with the above horrible looking contraption when my old laptop finally refused to even turn on. After a few days of brainstorming, I dug out an even older laptop that had … Continue reading I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"

Identifying Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

I'm posting this article about Narcissistic Abuse Victims because I have heard many people share about suffering from the symptoms listed but not knowing why. I hope that this well-written summary helps. Keep in mind that you can be in a narcissistic relationship and probably many in your life because we often follow patterns when … Continue reading Identifying Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

Protect Our Precious World

We, the privileged that live in western society can turn off the television, the internet, news and various documentaries that are trying to inform and warn us about the horrible heartbreaking devastation that our planet and its many species are facing. It's a lot easier to forget about doing something about the problem when you come home … Continue reading Protect Our Precious World

The Voice Of An Angel: Susan Boyle Is Doing Well

Susan Boyle 2016 Susan Boyle stunned the world with her incredible "voice of an angel" in 2009 on Britain's Got Talent. I remember watching her performance and being in awe of her amazing version of I Dreamed A Dream, along with millions of other viewers. I continued to follow Susan's newfound fame and although jubilant … Continue reading The Voice Of An Angel: Susan Boyle Is Doing Well

The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

I have had a love affair with Cheetahs since I was a young girl it was one one the few things that my father and I were able to bond over. We would watch all available nature shows that featured them, read magazine articles together, and play games pretending that we had been Cheetahs in … Continue reading The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

Darkness Will Not Stay

Darkness will not stay for the light of the sun, but suddenly becomes totally invisible, entirely recedes, and immediately vanishes Poem by Alex and Jane Eliot circa 1980s Thank you to Winslow Eliot for sharing her parent's poem on Facebook via her website: Winslow Eliot.

Festive Kahlua Hot Chocolate

How delicious can you get? Kahlua Hot Chocolate. This will warm you on the coldest nights. Prep Time 5 minutes Cook Time 5 minutes Total Time 10 minutes Yield 2 servings Skip the store-bought hot cocoa mix – homemade hot chocolate is easier to make than you think with just a handful of ingredients that’s … Continue reading Festive Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Wrap It Up Pretty

I admit I love wrapping presents. I love putting that little bit of extra effort into making a gift look special. It makes the whole gift giving experience more meaningful somehow. This Gorgeous glossy white paper seems so luxurious with thin red ribbon and red and green balls. Even newspaper can look fantastic when wrapped … Continue reading Wrap It Up Pretty

Rustic DIY Decorating Tricks

If you like the rustic look for decorating just remember a few things. Burlap, greenery, string, wood, raffia, pinecones, moss, candles, and other natural items. Arrange them in almost any original looking container or merely group the items together, and you will be shocked at the cool result. The log above was just an old half log … Continue reading Rustic DIY Decorating Tricks

S'Mores Bark

Who can resist S'mores Bark? Not me! Give it a try. Ingredients 3 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips 1/2 cup white chocolate chips 1 cup Marshmallow fluff 3 sheets of graham crackers Instructions Melt 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and spread the chocolate over a wax lined pan. Be careful not to make it too … Continue reading S'Mores Bark

Loving Red and Green Holiday Decor

I love this look. Rich and festive with the red and green. Simple big bows for the chairs and small evergreens with other simple decorations on the table make the whole decor say “please have a seat.” Everything is simple, easy and has great impact. Perfect. Originally posted on surprisinglivesholidays 2015

Super Easy Rustic DIY Lighted Log Basket

There’s nothing better than a decorating tip that is super easy but turns out amazing. To create this rustic lighted log basket, grab a basket, some logs, some evergreen branches and a string of fairy lights. Arrange them together in the basket, and you have instant cozy appeal! That's my kind of decorating. Originally posted … Continue reading Super Easy Rustic DIY Lighted Log Basket

Gaslighting: What Is It Really?

Sadly Gaslighting has become almost an epidemic in society practiced by many people (yes, usually men to be controlling but also in other instances) and it is an insidious and extremely toxic form of manipulation that can often go on unnoticed by the victim for years. Read the explanation provided below the image for more … Continue reading Gaslighting: What Is It Really?

Oreo Truffles, Oh Yea!

The holidays are the time for decadent treats and what could be better than Chocolate Oreo Truffles? Give this recipe a try and enjoy... Yields 30 Chocolate truffles with a soft Oreo center then coated in white and semi-sweet chocolate. Prep Time 2 hr INGREDIENTS 1 (15.25 oz.) package OREO cookies 1 (8 oz.) package … Continue reading Oreo Truffles, Oh Yea!

Wrapped In Red, For You…

Kelly Clarkson is set to spread the holiday cheer when she performs her second Miracle on Broadway holiday charity benefit concert in Nashville on Dec. 16, 2016. The singer has also just been nominated for a GRAMMY for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Piece by Piece." To help get you in the mood for Kelly's show … Continue reading Wrapped In Red, For You…