How To StreamLine Your Commenting On Blogs.

Sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming to read and comment on all of the blogs that you follow. So for those of you who love efficiency, like me, I thought I would share my super easy and efficient method.

First, you need to either be following the blog via email or at least receiving notifications of new posts via email.

Note, this method only works on blogs that have the “Full Post” activated for their blog feed. Not on post summaries.

When you receive the post in your email inbox, simply click on it to read. It will look something like this post from my friend, Su at Zimmerbitch.

See here.

After reading the post simply click on your “reply” button like I have circled above.

Don’t click on the big blue “comment” button or a new window will open and you’ll be redirected to WordPress.

When the reply screen appears, type in your comment like a regular email reply, where the red arrow is shown above.

Here you can see my comment has been typed in above the red arrow. Now all you have to do is click on the “send” button as shown.

Your comment will be sent to the blog’s comment section like a regular comment.

If the email address sending the reply is registered to a or Gravatar account your profile photo will also show as usual. But if the email address isn’t registered the default profile picture will show instead.

Simple and easy, right?

I hope this quick tip helps you in your blog reading and commenting. I find that reading multiple blogs and commenting this way to be a huge time saver.

Let me know what you think.