Survey Results: What People Think About Facebook And Social Media.

The results are in from our survey asking you what your thoughts were in regards to Facebook and in particular the recent changes. Also, what is your favourite social media platform?

First, thank you to everyone who participated. Your involvement is very much appreciated.

I’d like to go over some background information about the survey quickly.

Survey Setup:

The survey was a casual anonymous survey and consisted of three simple questions:

  1. Are you getting frustrated with Facebook recently? (In particular some of the recent changes). Yes, No, or don’t know.
  2. Have you stopped using Facebook or deleted your account recently? Yes, No, or planning to soon.
  3. Which Social Media site is your favourite? Options;
  • Facebook?
  • Twitter?
  • Instagram?
  • Tumblr?
  • Snapchat?
  • Reddit?
  • None?

We offered and promoted the survey by inviting participants from three different Twitter and two different Facebook accounts. All accounts providing the study had different demographic audiences. We did this on purpose to try and get a broad cross-section of opinions.

The Survey Results:

Question One;

  • 50% of participants reported being frustrated by Facebook.
  • 25% said no.
  • The remaining 25% chose “don’t know.”

Question Two;

  • 70.6% of participants said that they did not have any plans to delete their Facebook account.
  • 17.6% reported that they were planning.
  • 11.8% said that yes they had deleted their Facebook account.

Question Three;

Favourite Social Media Platform;

  • Facebook 23.5%
  • Instagram 23.5%
  • Twitter 23.5%
  • Tumblr 11.8%
  • Other-mixed 17.7%


I was admittedly surprised by the survey results.

I found it fascinating that although 50% of people showed frustration with Facebook, 70.6% still planned on keeping their accounts. This result may speak to Facebook’s coveted uniqueness.

It was especially interesting that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all tied as favourite Social Media Platform at 23.5% each. One reason for this tie may be due to the respondents varied demographics.

The fact that Tumblr came in with 11.8% of people as their favourite platform shows us that there is a market and group that use and love this site. Something that you may want to consider when promoting your business or blog. I think Tumblr success would be available after carefully analyzing the readership’s focus and age group.

Overall, as I mentioned, I find this survey’s results very interesting, and I’m glad we held it, but note that we purposely tried to make this survey as broad and generic as possible. Therefore, these results are not particularly beneficial to use in a marketing strategy. They are not reflective of specific enough an audience.

What do you think about these results? Are they reflective of your opinion?