Wrap It Up Pretty

I admit I love wrapping presents. I love putting that little bit of extra effort into making a gift look special. It makes the whole gift giving experience more meaningful somehow. This Gorgeous glossy white paper seems so luxurious with thin red ribbon and red and green balls. Even newspaper can look fantastic when wrapped … Continue reading Wrap It Up Pretty

Rustic DIY Decorating Tricks

If you like the rustic look for decorating just remember a few things. Burlap, greenery, string, wood, raffia, pinecones, moss, candles, and other natural items. Arrange them in almost any original looking container or merely group the items together, and you will be shocked at the cool result. The log above was just an old half log … Continue reading Rustic DIY Decorating Tricks

Loving Red and Green Holiday Decor

I love this look. Rich and festive with the red and green. Simple big bows for the chairs and small evergreens with other simple decorations on the table make the whole decor say “please have a seat.” Everything is simple, easy and has great impact. Perfect. Originally posted on surprisinglivesholidays 2015

Super Easy Rustic DIY Lighted Log Basket

There’s nothing better than a decorating tip that is super easy but turns out amazing. To create this rustic lighted log basket, grab a basket, some logs, some evergreen branches and a string of fairy lights. Arrange them together in the basket, and you have instant cozy appeal! That's my kind of decorating. Originally posted … Continue reading Super Easy Rustic DIY Lighted Log Basket