I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"


This sadly is my repurposed computer! Yes, I can create almost anything with my imagination, a box, and duct tape. I had to come up with the above horrible looking contraption when my old laptop finally refused to even turn on. After a few days of brainstorming, I dug out an even older laptop that had … Continue reading I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"

A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution


The Lineage of women that follow me can now move forward into the 21st century strong and brave. This time is a momentous occasion for the women in my bloodline. My daughters, their daughters, their daughters, and even their daughters are now rest assured a positive future. And all of this is thanks to me and … Continue reading A Lineage Has Undergone A Revolution

All You Need Is Love And An iPhone


Suri tried very hard to take a glamorous selfie for everyone for this post but unfortunately, due, of course, to my inexperience he was unable to. So here is my Suri making himself at home just like every other male I've ever had in my life. #Sigh I have finally been won over to the dark … Continue reading All You Need Is Love And An iPhone