I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"


This sadly is my repurposed computer! Yes, I can create almost anything with my imagination, a box, and duct tape. I had to come up with the above horrible looking contraption when my old laptop finally refused to even turn on. After a few days of brainstorming, I dug out an even older laptop that had … Continue reading I'm The Queen Of "Repurpose"

The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

I have had a love affair with Cheetahs since I was a young girl it was one one the few things that my father and I were able to bond over. We would watch all available nature shows that featured them, read magazine articles together, and play games pretending that we had been Cheetahs in … Continue reading The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

All You Need Is Love And An iPhone


Suri tried very hard to take a glamorous selfie for everyone for this post but unfortunately, due, of course, to my inexperience he was unable to. So here is my Suri making himself at home just like every other male I've ever had in my life. #Sigh I have finally been won over to the dark … Continue reading All You Need Is Love And An iPhone

Rushing Ribbon River

Photograph courtesy of Alex Strohl from Instagram Note: I have seen many copies of Alex's photos shared across the internet in particular on Tumblr and often without proper or clear credit given to Alex. So I did some digging and happily found his accurate Instagram account which I have linked to above.    

A Different Perspective

Sometimes it's the hardest thing to achieve but whenever we can step back and get a different perspective everything always shuffles into a new pattern, priorities re-align and motivation is renewed. Photo via Hannes Becker from Instagram  

Come In And have A cup of Tea

I think this photograph of the lovely doorway to this cute house seems to say "Come on in and have a cup of tea." via Alison Little Note: I have been called away and to be honest I'm not quite sure how long I will be gone. Although I certainly hope to be back quickly I … Continue reading Come In And have A cup of Tea