The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World

I have had a love affair with Cheetahs since I was a young girl it was one one the few things that my father and I were able to bond over. We would watch all available nature shows that featured them, read magazine articles together, and play games pretending that we had been Cheetahs in … Continue reading The Last 100 Iranian Cheetahs In The World


"Lily of The Valley" are perhaps my favourite flower. Sadly, despite repeated attempts I cannot make them grow in my garden, so I'm left to admire them in florist shops and photographs. lol p.s. Ladybugs are the cutest! from500px: Sunset by nyamarkova —

A Leap of Faith

I'm obviously not the only person to think this photo is cool because since saving it as a draft I've seen it posted on quite a few different platforms.   via severelymagicalthings: Had to share this @WeHeartIt... —

Future Daisy Storms

A creative art photograph of a daisy with lightening streaked across the front. The photo has been made in conjunction with the writing about different perspectives on the future. Reference is made to weathering storms in order to appreciate daisies. By Amanda Ricks

Our view out the backdoor

This is our view directly out our back door. Sometimes the sunrises are so spectacular and full of beautiful colors. The wisteria lines the fence and the trees frame the sunrise. via Our view out the backdoor | Manvel, Texas Photographer — Sonya Lira Photography I have been a fan of Sonya Lira's Photography for a long … Continue reading Our view out the backdoor

Goreme Sunset

from500px: Goreme Sunset by miguelangelmartin #photography #photography on Tumblr #travel #landscape #nature #blog what a #beauty! via from500px: Goreme Sunset by miguelangelmartin #photography ... —

Somewhere Else

  This Art Photo Quote is available at  I hope you like this Art/Photo and Quote that I am posting for the WP Photo Challenge --Life Imitates Art. I chose it because I see it as a contradiction to the phrase. The message is showing present life versus the dream of a different future … Continue reading Somewhere Else

A Treat Of A View

New York City looking from The Empire State Building I have had the beautiful and unique pleasure of travelling to many corners of the world. However, later in life as an adult, I finally had the opportunity to visit New York City and I instantly fell in love. The multitude of horror stories about New York … Continue reading A Treat Of A View