Rushing Ribbon River

Photograph courtesy of Alex Strohl from Instagram Note: I have seen many copies of Alex's photos shared across the internet in particular on Tumblr and often without proper or clear credit given to Alex. So I did some digging and happily found his accurate Instagram account which I have linked to above.    

A Different Perspective

Sometimes it's the hardest thing to achieve but whenever we can step back and get a different perspective everything always shuffles into a new pattern, priorities re-align and motivation is renewed. Photo via Hannes Becker from Instagram  

Come In And have A cup of Tea

I think this photograph of the lovely doorway to this cute house seems to say "Come on in and have a cup of tea." via Alison Little Note: I have been called away and to be honest I'm not quite sure how long I will be gone. Although I certainly hope to be back quickly I … Continue reading Come In And have A cup of Tea


"Lily of The Valley" are perhaps my favourite flower. Sadly, despite repeated attempts I cannot make them grow in my garden, so I'm left to admire them in florist shops and photographs. lol p.s. Ladybugs are the cutest! from500px: Sunset by nyamarkova —

A Leap of Faith

I'm obviously not the only person to think this photo is cool because since saving it as a draft I've seen it posted on quite a few different platforms.   via severelymagicalthings: Had to share this @WeHeartIt... —

Goreme Sunset

from500px: Goreme Sunset by miguelangelmartin #photography #photography on Tumblr #travel #landscape #nature #blog what a #beauty! via from500px: Goreme Sunset by miguelangelmartin #photography ... —

A Treat Of A View

New York City looking from The Empire State Building I have had the beautiful and unique pleasure of travelling to many corners of the world. However, later in life as an adult, I finally had the opportunity to visit New York City and I instantly fell in love. The multitude of horror stories about New York … Continue reading A Treat Of A View