Blow Your Mind Latest Social Media Stats.

I love stats and infographics, so, when I read a fantastic article on the latest social media stats by Dustin Stout from, I was a happy person.

It’s truly fascinating not only to see all of the different #SM platform stats but to compare them, side by side.

Check out the infographic; Social Media Stats.
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So see anything particularly interesting? What’s your take? let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Blow Your Mind Latest Social Media Stats.”

  1. 2.13 billion users is something I have a tough time digesting Amanda LOL. Facebook has a foundation in place to literally connect humans on planet earth. Now we need to our own personal parts to live in harmony online and offline, to bring the world together. Too many folks see social as bad, but it is like the man in the mirror saying; we are all responsible for our little corner of the Universe, which influences the whole. Thanks for sharing!


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